To answer questions about pricing, we have to first know what kind of story you want to tell. Videos have lots of variables--shoot days, postproduction, gear (cameras, audio, lights, drones), and the crew. Because video production can be a bit of mystery here are the services we offer. 


Script and Story Consulting: Are you not sure where to even start? We help with consulting, brainstorming, branding, messaging about how to best create the story for your company. 

Storyize Videos: These three to five-minute videos that show the heartbeat of your organization. After watching our everyone will clearly know who you are, what you, and why it matters.   

TV & Social Media: Our Storyize videos are usually placed on websites, social media, YouTube, and used to improve your visibility on Google and other search engines. 

Publishing and Marketing Strategy: Now that you've created great content how do you get it noticed on Social Media and in the on Google? How do you track analytics? Where is the best place to spend your ad dollars and what markets should you target? Our strategy team can help you with placement. 


Our process is you fill out a questionnaire, meet with our team to dream about the project, and we give you a statement of work.  We want to tell a great story with your budget in mind. To help better understand your budget, we have three pricing ranges. 

These stories involve a half day of filming and minimal B-roll (the cinematic visuals). The video gets a cut and one round of revisions. If you have a smaller story to tell this is a great option. This option comes with the least amount of filming time and the fewest edits. Sometimes you just need a simple, straightforward story, and this is a great option.  

This feature is very popular pricing ballpark. This pricing feature allows one full day of shooting, multiple interviews, a full B Roll package, and animated logos and lower thirds. This pricing ballpark can also include a thirty second cut of your story ideal for social media and TV advertising. 

Let's dream. Imagine dramatic shots, dollies, drones, jibs, and steadicams to get the shots you want. We can cast actors and create sets. This allows for multiple shoot days and custom animation in the edit. These are some of our favorite projects to produce. At this pricing structure we create an incredible video and we include cuts designed for social media. We can also make a plan together on how to best get your post published and noticed.